Genuine FinnGunn Genuine FinnGunn

Come rain, come shine and come the changing of the seasons.

FinnGunn is the signature of Finn Owren Christoffersen (1949) and Ingunn Woie (1969). Their mission is to live simple so that their everyday life and thoughts can be fixed to their canvas of expression and to show them publicly at this platform since this is the only one at the present time.

Displayed at their website is just a fraction of the production spanning over 18 years containing hundreds of pieces.

Their pieces will elevate any wall. So if what you see here tickles more than your curiosity you can contact them by mail: or studio phone +47 413 83 321 (+1 GMT) to make an appointment to see and buy their work. They work and live secluded at Storo in Oslo the capital of Norway.

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